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Enterprises rely on our data migration experts to move their data successfully and effeciently.


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We take care of your entire data migration

In any decision with change to a program, data migration is certainly a critical component. Whether it is a storage upgrade, a vendor change, or a storage transformation project, enterprises constantly need to migrate their data. Therefore, it is crucial that they trust their chosen solutions provider.

Proven Process

Migration of data is an essential part of most change programs. More than half of data migration projects are completed late and/or over budget (Bloor & Gartner).

To deliver successful projects, Toos believes that having the right data migration strategies, developed by experienced data migration specialists, is essential.

Toos’s Proven Process:

  • Work with stakeholders to analyse the data
  • Produce data reports using automated tools
  • Transform and map data to target system
  • Migrate data to target system
  • Validate data

Data Experts

Toos provides a comprehensive data migration service, backed by in-house data experts.


  • We work with all types of storage migration for block, file, object or cloud data
  • Lower cost of service with in-house custom tools
  • Expedited migration (from planning to execution)
  • Take advantage of proven, repeatable, and flexible solutions
  • Cross-functional expertise
  • Dedicated professional migration personnel

Custom solutions can help unleash your data


Whatever the format or location of your organization’s data, Toos’s data migration team can help get it where it needs to be.


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Why choose Toos?

In today’s world your business depends on your IT system, at Toos we figure out solutions to optimize your business process, increase your efficiency, help reduce cost and accelerate productivity.



  • We work with our clients to design plans of action in line with their business objective. 
  • In a dynamic world, having a solid foundation keeps you grounded in the whirlwind of unpredictability.



  • We design and implement custom solutions based on strategy 
  • We figure out solutions to optimize your business process
  • Increase your efficiency, help reduce cost and accelerate productivity. 



  • We support the client through tansitions periods and learning curves.
  • We work closely with clients to meet their business objections, improve business process, and provide them with solutions that not only meet their current requirements, but also future needs.