Recognizing Black Inventors in Tech – Mark Dean

It is impossible to imagine life without personal computers or the internet. For this reason, the computer devices are such an important everyday tool in the digital age.

Written by toos-admin

Published on February 8, 2022

For Black History month we want to recognize Black Excellence in technology, individuals who contributed to the digital age we enjoy today. We want to give a big Toos shoutout to Mark E. Dean an inventor, computer scientist, and engineer who has spent his career working to make computers more accessible and powerful. His groundbreaking work has made a lasting impact on the way we use computers today. 

Mark E. DeanComputer Scientist 

Generally, you will find that your peripherals work the moment you plug them into your PC, regardless of the brand or how long ago you purchased them. Communication between your computer and other devices is a common practice. However, it wasn’t always the case. The interior architecture for sharing information between PCs, printers, and other devices was developed by Mark E. Dean and his colleague Dennis Moeller. 

As a result of Mark Dean’s improvements to the PC and the system bus, the computing industry has experienced explosive growth. His invention was granted U.S. Patent No. 4,528,626 on July 9, 1985, which allowed users to connect to computers with peripherals by easily plugging them in. 

As the first African American ever to be named an IBM Fellow, Mark Dean currently holds three PC patents for creating the IBM personal computer, released in 1981. 

As a team of diverse experts that provide a range of innovative solutions and regularly challenge our assumptions, we understand the significance of Black History Month and recognize major contributors to the world of technology, like Mark E. Dean.  

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