Is your Managed Service Provider Secure?

Is your Managed Service Provider Secure?

What is MSP?  

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that manages a clients Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and end-user systems on-site or remotely. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) provides a defined set of day-to-day management services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), nonprofits, and government agencies. Among these services are network and infrastructure management, security, and monitoring. 

The majority of MSPs handle multiple IT services daily to free their clients from extended downtimes and interruptions of services. 

Why your MSP should be secure?

Cyberattacks on MSPs (Managed Service Providers) or on tools used by MSPs can have devastating effects on many businesses. IT (Information Technology) service providers are big targets these days. By gaining access to a tool an MSP uses, a cybercriminal can trigger a snowball effect, creating a security risk for every company network that the MSP has access to. 

 In the event of a security breach, your business will be put at risk if the MSP is not secure and does not take preventative measures against cyber-attacks. 

 MSPs are targets for Cyberattacks.  

MSPs have access to client networks, personally identifiable information, licenses and confidential documents. Most MSPs use remote desktop applications such as AnyDesk to troubleshoot and support clients remotely, which is typically installed on all the devices. If a hacker gains access to an MSP’s network or an application they use, it will pose serious challenges. 

 While gaining access to an MSP’s network seems like a rare occurrence, it happens more often than you may think.  

What to look for in a secure MSP. 

It is important for you to vet to your MSP and inquire about their own cybersecurity measures and practices. Does your MSP have a security-first mindset? If so, you will find that your MSP has advanced cybersecurity protection in place for their business because they understand the realities and importance of having a secure environment. 

When it comes to MSPs, you want one that can provide full IT services coverage, design, and build custom solutions and understand how to meet your business goals, all while taking security seriously. Fortunately, at Toos Technical Solutions we have a deep understanding of the business landscapes in which we operate and the challenges they present. 

Your business depends on your MSP’s security. If a Security First MSP is what your business is looking for and want to help navigating, contact us.