From G Suite to Google Workspace

From G Suite to Google Workspace

For over a decade, G suite was Google’s professional productivity tool. As the future of work evolves, so has G suite. To indicate this transformation, Google rebranded the service to Google Workspace.

The Past

Launched in 2006, G suite services was the simplest way for organizations to use Google’s services on their own domains for a monthly subscription fee. G suite allowed organizations to use cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools as the backend of their business.

G suite has become increasingly integrated in Google’s communication and collaboration tools. Now that majority of us work from home often and Google has introduced several new options on G suite in recent months. Google has rebranded the digital office environment.


The name change from G suite to Google Workspace shows users, clients, and customers that the applications are interconnected and integrated.

With Google Workspace, Google introduces a new user experience that helps customers collaborate more effectively, keep connected and encourage businesses to form new digital customer experiences.

Google Workspace is about more than just rebranding. Google has already published new features for the platform. With Workspace, Google aims to mix multiple communication methods into one interface and will expand in the future.

Google Workspace will see Google Rooms, Chat, Meet, and more integrated with its different applications. This is excellent news for clients and customers who are regularly switching between email, voice, video calls, and messaging.

Additional upcoming features include the flexibility to create documents directly within Google Chat. Users can then collaborate on these documents within the Google Chat space. Google Workspace users will also be able to preview files in either Google Sheets, Docs, or Slides. This makes it easier to collaborate on a document within the same tab, instead of opening each file separately.

To provide seamless communication, you can also view contact details within the Google Workspace document. Whenever you tag someone in a document, Workspace will be able to launch a smart chip. This popup will show the users contact information and help suggest other features which include starting a video call or sending an email. Contacts and users outside of your organization are also included within the popup display.

Google Workspace Plans

When it comes to plans, Google Workspace follows a similar model to G suite. The most popular plan is the business starter plan. Customers and clients who need additional storage, support for larger conferences, and enhanced security would want to purchase the business standard plan over the business starter. The next option is the master plan, the Google Workspace Enterprise, which is double the business standard plan in terms of allowing up to 100 participants on any calls for Google Hangouts and supporting advanced security features.

We All Win 

The main takeaway here is Google Workspace offers a similar set of tools and premium options for a set value, with some additional key features. If you used G suite in the past, Google Workspace offers a very similar experience. All the tools are obtainable in Google Workspace and a free trial is available. If you want to get started with Google Workspace today, contact our team to set up your plan. We would be more than happy to help you start out on the right foot and provide you continued support as you navigate Workspace.




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Why you need better IT Support in 2021

Why you need better IT Support in 2021

The start of a new year brings opportunity to reflect on the past and implement change for the future. At Toos, we want to work with you to enhance your IT infrastructure. Any organization, whether small or large needs to continually assess and improve their IT systems. As the year begins, we advise everyone to revisit and evaluate their IT systems. At Toos, we can do this for you as a Managed Services Provider.

Toos Technical Solutions is here with a look at why a Managed Services Provider is the best option for any organization to improve their IT infrastructure this year.

  1. Cybersecurity Threats

Recent trends point to every industry becoming vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Small to medium sized businesses (SMB) are targeted at a higher rate. Hackers are aware that SMB’s may have limited resources meaning their cybersecurity protocols are most likely out of date. Business technology is evolving rapidly as are cyber threats. To maintain security, companies need IT support to continuously maintain software and clear malware. Managed Service Providers (MSP) give companies the opportunity to outsource security threats.

  1. Having Cloud Issues?

Managed Service Providers not only manage cybersecurity threats which can be detrimental to your business, but also develop proactive plans to manage your cloud environment. MSPs audit and address your IT systems to ensure that each piece is running smoothly, threats are mitigated, and technology is updated. MSPs work as your experts, they leverage their existing knowledge to design solutions that grow alongside your business. Cloud technology advancements are crucial for growth, but companies must ensure they have the right IT support to manage the change.  

  1. Refocus on these Systems.

Companies who choose to manage IT without the help of MSPs need to focus their energy on Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Information as a Service (IaaS), which is a tall task. Focusing staff time and organizational resources on IT services means SMBs are missing the opportunity to use those resources for company growth. Additionally, building in house IT teams is often more expensive than outsourcing to MSPs.


If you could focus on what you do well and outsource the rest, would you? Most people would answer yes here, us included. And that is exactly what Managed Service Providers offer. We focus on what we do best – supporting businesses by managing and providing IT support – so that you can focus on your most fulfilling work.

Rethink how you do IT and partner with Toos Technical Solutions today. We work with you to ease the burden.



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