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For Small to medium-sized businesses, IT resources may be limited, and employees may be overwhelmed with the maintenance and troubleshooting of the IT structure. Certain technical issues if left unmanaged can create a negative impact on the overall business. 

Partner with Toos for your IT needs and continually get the support you need, when you need it. 

Outsourcing your IT 

TOOS Experts

Your IT managed with great expertise and reduced cost.

Although IT has become integral to business strategies and operations, most experts have determined IT lies outside of the core functions of a company. Outsourcing IT to a partner, such as an IT service contractor, can help SMEs focus their resources on their core business. There are numerous benefits when it comes to outsourcing. However, there are none greater then the following 5 key benefits.

Key Benefits:

  • Experienced & Trained Experts
  • Controlling Costs
  • No Intruptions in Service
  • Options for Diverse Skills
  • Equalizing factor with Larger Coporations 

Your trusted Managed Service Partner

We’ve become a trusted IT Managed Service Provider who places a focus on your business and understanding how it functions. Not only can we resolve your IT challenges, but we’ll assist with managing your technology to prevent any unexpected challenges. 

Device Management

Remote Workspaces

In a post Covid world, employees need to have the ability to work anytime, anywhere on from any device while the organization maintains security and control. Given the increasing number of device models, types, and multiple operating systems, safeguarding a well-running infrastructure of user devices has become multifaceted. All this requires is a cohesive approach to the management of end-user devices.

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM)
  • End-User Computing


User Management

Access Control

With advancements in technology and the connection of systems, user management has become paramount. Sensitive company information is being transmitted over networks and devices. Protecting this information by managing permissions through role-based access control is essential to all organizations small or big. Regulating who or what an individual can access in a computing environment is a mission critical security technique that minimizes exposure and risk to the organization. We help design and maintain different types of access control features in IT environments:

  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC)
  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC)


Network Management

Network Design & Maintenance

With businesses increasingly reliant on access to data, internally or over the internet, it is crucial that your network is robust enough for the task. An issue with security, software, servers, or email can not only affect your company’s reputation with your clients, but it can also cost big bucks from hours lost to downtime. Toos offers 24/7 network monitoring to ensure any problems that arise within your system are immediately addressed and resolved. Network monitoring is a necessary safeguard to reduce the risk of downtime and security breaches by identifying issues before they become larger problems.


  • Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting
  • Network Management
  • Design, Setup, Support, and Troubleshoot Network
  • Infrastructure system (LAN, WAN Including Secured WIFI services)
  • VPN, Remote Access, and Private Links
  • Maintain and Monitors Systems for High Availability & Reliability.

The Toos Difference

Let Us Manage Your IT

Toos Technical Solutions offers a range of Managed IT Services designed to accelerate business productivity, from planning and implementation to security and maintenance. 

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