Case Study

Somali Centre for Family Services

Tackling social issues with a new website

Newcomers and immigrants come to Canada having left behind everything they ever knew. Whether by choice or for survival, they come to our great nation seeking better pastures. For over 25 years the Somali Centre for Family Services has been at the forefront as an advocate, friend, and ally to newcomers seeking resettlement.

The Somali Centre for Family Services is a broad-based, non-profit organization that assists refugees and immigrants — particularly Somali families and individuals living in Ottawa — with the timely and culturally appropriate services that enhance their social-economic well-being in Canada. Since its inception, the Centre has been delivering meaningful and culturally appropriate services designed to meet the specific needs of our community members


The Somali Centre for Family Services is a Canadian registered charity established in the early 1990’s help newcomers and and immigrants settle and integrate into Canadian life.  SCFS needed a modern website that reflected their brand, their services and showcase the great work they do. Over their 30 years of community development they attained a plethora of experience, stories and bespoke practices in immigration that they want to share with others.

old to new

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Refreshing an identity

SCFS’s current website provided an interesting challenge for our team. With the advencement of technology we wanted to make sure the new website took advantage of every solution available. That meant implementing a content management system, using consistent colours, fonts, quality images and videos, while respecting the history of SCFS. 

Cohesive brand

The strategy employed for content and communication was simplying complicated areas of the website and keeping in mind the end user at all times. As well, highlighting the programs and people of SCFS. We did this by adding a page for the team, bringinging programs to the home page, commissioning videos of events and programs. We wanted to draw out the human aspect of the website.