Recognizing Black Inventors in Tech – Mark Dean

Recognizing Black Inventors in Tech – Mark Dean

For Black History month we want to recognize Black Excellence in technology, individuals who contributed to the digital age we enjoy today. We want to give a big Toos shoutout to Mark E. Dean an inventor, computer scientist, and engineer who has spent his career working to make computers more accessible and powerful. His groundbreaking work has made a lasting impact on the way we use computers today. 

Mark E. DeanComputer Scientist 

Generally, you will find that your peripherals work the moment you plug them into your PC, regardless of the brand or how long ago you purchased them. Communication between your computer and other devices is a common practice. However, it wasn’t always the case. The interior architecture for sharing information between PCs, printers, and other devices was developed by Mark E. Dean and his colleague Dennis Moeller. 

As a result of Mark Dean’s improvements to the PC and the system bus, the computing industry has experienced explosive growth. His invention was granted U.S. Patent No. 4,528,626 on July 9, 1985, which allowed users to connect to computers with peripherals by easily plugging them in. 

As the first African American ever to be named an IBM Fellow, Mark Dean currently holds three PC patents for creating the IBM personal computer, released in 1981. 

As a team of diverse experts that provide a range of innovative solutions and regularly challenge our assumptions, we understand the significance of Black History Month and recognize major contributors to the world of technology, like Mark E. Dean.  

Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day

What is it?

Many countries, including Canada, observe Data Privacy Day today. The day honors the impact of technology on our privacy rights and stresses the importance of protecting and valuing personal information.

Background on how it all started.

Data Privacy Week began on January 28 to honor the 1981 signing of Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection. The first European Data Privacy Day was held in 2007 as part of a Council of Europe initiative.

Who participates in it?

Observed in 47 countries across Europe, including the United States, Canada, Nigeria, and Israel, Data Privacy Day aims to promote awareness and best practices for protecting personal information.

Learn more about Data Privacy Week from the National Cybersecurity Alliance.

Is your Managed Service Provider Secure?

Is your Managed Service Provider Secure?

What is MSP?  

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that manages a clients Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and end-user systems on-site or remotely. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) provides a defined set of day-to-day management services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), nonprofits, and government agencies. Among these services are network and infrastructure management, security, and monitoring. 

The majority of MSPs handle multiple IT services daily to free their clients from extended downtimes and interruptions of services. 

Why your MSP should be secure?

Cyberattacks on MSPs (Managed Service Providers) or on tools used by MSPs can have devastating effects on many businesses. IT (Information Technology) service providers are big targets these days. By gaining access to a tool an MSP uses, a cybercriminal can trigger a snowball effect, creating a security risk for every company network that the MSP has access to. 

 In the event of a security breach, your business will be put at risk if the MSP is not secure and does not take preventative measures against cyber-attacks. 

 MSPs are targets for Cyberattacks.  

MSPs have access to client networks, personally identifiable information, licenses and confidential documents. Most MSPs use remote desktop applications such as AnyDesk to troubleshoot and support clients remotely, which is typically installed on all the devices. If a hacker gains access to an MSP’s network or an application they use, it will pose serious challenges. 

 While gaining access to an MSP’s network seems like a rare occurrence, it happens more often than you may think.  

What to look for in a secure MSP. 

It is important for you to vet to your MSP and inquire about their own cybersecurity measures and practices. Does your MSP have a security-first mindset? If so, you will find that your MSP has advanced cybersecurity protection in place for their business because they understand the realities and importance of having a secure environment. 

When it comes to MSPs, you want one that can provide full IT services coverage, design, and build custom solutions and understand how to meet your business goals, all while taking security seriously. Fortunately, at Toos Technical Solutions we have a deep understanding of the business landscapes in which we operate and the challenges they present. 

Your business depends on your MSP’s security. If a Security First MSP is what your business is looking for and want to help navigating, contact us.  

How to Avoid Getting Hacked: 3 Practical Steps

How to Avoid Getting Hacked: 3 Practical Steps

Halloween is just around the corner, and we want you to stay safe online and off. In addition, October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. We’ll look at 3 practical steps you can take to stay safe online in this post.

Cybercriminals today are primarily targeting individuals rather than breaking into systems in today’s technological landscape. To help you protect yourself from cyberattacks at home or at work, we’ll discuss the three best practices.

1) Phishing Scams

Phishing scams can be spotted and avoided by understanding how they work. Phishing occurs when hackers send fake emails to trick users into giving up personal information by making it appear as though the email is from a legitimate institution or company. You are prompted to click malicious links, download dangerous files, and log into fake websites using fake logos, addresses, and language from real companies. When you enter your credentials to log in, the criminal on the other end steals your username and password to breach your account. The CEO scam is another common tactic, where an email appears to arrive from a CEO or top executive asking for money transfers. Avoid clicking on links or opening attachments that appear suspicious to combat scams that invade your inbox. It’s wise to think twice before transferring money or sensitive information via email and confirm that request with the sender over the phone or in person.

2) Password Discipline

To be connected online, a good password strategy is also essential. Many headlines in the media report on data breaches involving millions of accounts. There is a chance that some of this can be attributed to using the same simple passwords on different accounts. The good news is there are tools like LastPass and Dashlane that will generate complex passwords for your various accounts and store them in one place. A modern password management strategy would not be complete without Two-Factor Authentication. With 2FA, an extra layer of security is created by verifying your login via a text message or application prompt on your smartphone. Two-factor authentication minimizes security breaches by 90%.

3) Phone Scams

In addition, cybercriminals target smartphones. A hacker will contact you on your mobile device, posing as CRA or a law enforcement agency, in the hopes of coercing you into paying back taxes. Here, you should take the same precautions you use against phishing emails, so never provide sensitive information or send money.

Essentially, sound cybersecurity is about recognizing phishing emails, managing your passwords effectively, and being able to identify when you’re getting a call from a scammer. Keep these three points in mind to keep yourself safe anywhere!

Why you need better IT Support in 2021

Why you need better IT Support in 2021

The start of a new year brings opportunity to reflect on the past and implement change for the future. At Toos, we want to work with you to enhance your IT infrastructure. Any organization, whether small or large needs to continually assess and improve their IT systems. As the year begins, we advise everyone to revisit and evaluate their IT systems. At Toos, we can do this for you as a Managed Services Provider.

Toos Technical Solutions is here with a look at why a Managed Services Provider is the best option for any organization to improve their IT infrastructure this year.

  1. Cybersecurity Threats

Recent trends point to every industry becoming vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Small to medium sized businesses (SMB) are targeted at a higher rate. Hackers are aware that SMB’s may have limited resources meaning their cybersecurity protocols are most likely out of date. Business technology is evolving rapidly as are cyber threats. To maintain security, companies need IT support to continuously maintain software and clear malware. Managed Service Providers (MSP) give companies the opportunity to outsource security threats.

  1. Having Cloud Issues?

Managed Service Providers not only manage cybersecurity threats which can be detrimental to your business, but also develop proactive plans to manage your cloud environment. MSPs audit and address your IT systems to ensure that each piece is running smoothly, threats are mitigated, and technology is updated. MSPs work as your experts, they leverage their existing knowledge to design solutions that grow alongside your business. Cloud technology advancements are crucial for growth, but companies must ensure they have the right IT support to manage the change.  

  1. Refocus on these Systems.

Companies who choose to manage IT without the help of MSPs need to focus their energy on Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Information as a Service (IaaS), which is a tall task. Focusing staff time and organizational resources on IT services means SMBs are missing the opportunity to use those resources for company growth. Additionally, building in house IT teams is often more expensive than outsourcing to MSPs.


If you could focus on what you do well and outsource the rest, would you? Most people would answer yes here, us included. And that is exactly what Managed Service Providers offer. We focus on what we do best – supporting businesses by managing and providing IT support – so that you can focus on your most fulfilling work.

Rethink how you do IT and partner with Toos Technical Solutions today. We work with you to ease the burden.



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