Tips for Working from Home in 2021

Tips for Working from Home in 2021

As businesses continue to operate remotely into 2021, it has become apparent that work from home manuals can be a resource. We have complied a few tips to assist you and your organization during this period of remote work.  

Secure your Internet. 

When you are operating on an at-home internet connection, it is possible for your router to be a key point of risk. Make sure you only use secure Wi-Fi networks. Using unsecured networks could put you and your organization in danger due to the vulnerability of public networks.  

Improve your Internet Speed. 

While working from home you may have noticed your internet speed functioning at slower pace that at the office. Several factors could impact your internet speed such as limited-service options and speeds, in addition to rise in overall household load. When this happens, consider turning off devices connected to the internet that you do not need during work hours (gaming, smartphones, smart TVs). You may also consider limiting activities that use a lot of bandwidth during business hours (streaming, gaming, video chats).  

Use the Cloud. 

For remote workers, using cloud-based technologies is a must. Cloud-based software tools like Microsoft SharePoint offer the flexibility and accessibility that companies working remotely need. 

Avoid Scammers. 

Usually, phishing scams attempt to take advantage of an existing account. It is important to understand how to identify scams and protect your data, especially when your personal and business data is at risk. Take care to never give out sensitive information over email. Make sure to verify if the link, email, or domain being sent to you is legitimate.  

Add a Two-Factor Authentication. 

Two-factor authentication stops quick and easy access with stolen credentials by requiring another authentication once the user enters their username and password. There is a wide range of how this can be delivered. Texts to your phone, biometrics like fingerprints, and random codes generated by an app. This also ensures that you are notified any time a hacker tries to log into your devices or accounts allowing you to take immediate steps to guard yourself from any further data breach.  

Use a VPN. 

Secure your network with a VPN to access important organizational information in a safe manner. At home, a VPN will help defend your privacy. Since many businesses are working from home due to the global pandemic, it is important to understand when you do and do not need to use a VPN at home.  

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